Thus spake the leader! This 6-year-old says she wants to be the boss when she grows up

17 August 2016 | by Anaiah Asher Abraham | Jabalpur

It’s not because she wrote an essay that we published it. Many kids her age write essays. And better ones at that. So what’s so special about her essay? Because from this essay we know a leader is born.


The story goes: The teacher asked the class to write an essay on ‘When I grow up, I want to do…’ The predictable, but still out of the box, ambitions like NASA astronaut, pilot, F1 racer (phew!) etc came up. But Anaiah went a few steps further. She broke the box itself!   She said she wanted to do nothing and sit and make others do her work. Spoke like a boss! Well, leaders are most definitely born, not made! Here’s her essay:


Anaiah Abraham-story

Anaiah Asher Abraham


When I grow up…


When I grow up, I want to do nothing. I don’t to work hard like mamma. Because I want to rest in home. I want to become a manager. I make other people do my work. They will do my work only.


Written by the sweetest girl – Anaiah Asher Abraham.

- transcribed verbatim from the original manuscript (see below)


Anaiah Abraham

Original manuscript of the essay in Anaiah’s hand




(we have chosen to read this essay through the mind of a six-year-old. so we have decided not to read between the lines. in that, our focus clearly rests on ‘I want to be a manager’ bit. we hope our readers are on the same page with us). 







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