Once upon a time there was a ceiling made of glass…

11:30PM IST 28 January 2014 | The Petticoat Journal

Glass ceiling is passé. The audience scoffs if you are to even make a mention of ‘glass ceiling’ and why not? Offices look quite full of women. If there is discrimination, there would be an uprising, easily! So is the glass ceiling breaking without a revolt? Well, if Grazia magazine’s ‘female work survey’ is to be believed, a silent revolt is happening.
The survey may have 60 per cent of women saying that they are underpaid and another 57 per cent believe that their male colleagues are paid more. It may also mention about a 15 per cent pay gap between men and women.
But it also goes on to say that 64 per cent women found that when women did ask for a hike or a promotion, they typically got it. As for the gap, it may be explained by the fact that 52 per cent women have never asked for a promotion or a pay hike.


The glass ceiling may only be cracking under its own pressure and it looks like tough times ahead for bosses as one third of women aim to climb the ladder as fast as possible and only five per cent of women would stay at their current job level for ever.


Nearly half of working women were looking for their next step up the ladder or a pay rise within two years of their jobs. If they failed to traditionally get a promotion or a hike, they ‘job jumped’ elsewhere. About 60 per cent women worked in their current job for less than two years. Only 17 per cent had been in the same job for more than seven years, the survey found.

Besides, more women have found that money is important. Grazia’s survey shows that 40 per cent women aim to earn more than £50,000 as soon as they can, while 16 per cent said they wouldn’t be happy until they were earning more than £100,000. Besides, only five per cent women stay at the current job level for ever.


With this, women are not shying away from bigger responsibilities that come with top jobs even if it means losing their work-life balance. This includes mothers too. About 50 per cent of mothers agreed in the survey. Six out of ten working women said they would accept more money at the expense of their work-life balance.


This changing trend has induced confidence among women affecting a change in gender biased mannerisms too. Though 30 per cent women had still experienced sexism at workplace, according to the survey, women feel they do not need to act like a man to get ahead in the workplace and just five per cent said they felt they had to flirt to get ahead. As many as 72 per cent women believed career success is based on talent and ability.


There is a quiet revolt underway. It’s only a matter of time before we find ourselves stashing the booty.


The survey was conducted in the UK among women of the average of 30



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