Marriages maybe made in heaven but how much heaven have they got for you?

8 September 2016 | The Petticoat Journal | New Delhi

A constant lament of anyone who finds the time for it is that there aren’t many women at workplaces. Even if they make for sophisticated numbers at the entry levels, they serve an easy ground for lamenters by fizzling out at the mid and C level.


You may blame the lack of will if you are talking philosophy. But it’s incumbent upon us to talk practical. And when we get real, we get to put the finger on the right spot: marriage. At entry level, they are single, Most get married soon after and leave. Some sustain till mid-level and leave after they have their first child. The few who make it to the top levels, are either single or have fought the world or have just got lucky to have a ‘supportive’ husband and in laws.


And eliminating women from the workplace is not the only thing that marriage does. Nah! We are not saying marriage is a bad thing. How dare we? When everyone is getting into this holy whatever, it can’t be so evil after all. But it is doing something near evil, something this world can’t afford. Marriage is eliminating at least 50 per cent of the world’s efficient workforce by keeping women away from offices. In short, marriage keeps women from making their choices. And making choices, mind you, is called ‘feminism’ our part of the universe. And they say that thing with a wince. We don’t know how they do it your side.


The Guardian has tried to make it known in this video why marriage is the most anti-feminist thing to ever happen to this world. Watch:






What to Do!

If you, or a woman or women around you, are subject to domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and other atrocities at home or anywhere else, here is what you can do.

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