maternity act feat

Maternity Benefit Act, 2017: ‘An employee on paid leave is a non-performing asset’

It’s a good thing that India can look at it as a reason to celebrate. The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, …

Women at Work

gurdeep singh nayi soch

Gurdeep Singh and daughters carry the burden of establishing a new regular, a Nayi Soch

There’s a now famous riddle which made the civil services candidates uneasy sometime back. It goes like this: A father …

Women in our Lives

khati school - feat

22 year old Nisha Danu is the torchbearer of change in the Himalayan villages

Twenty two year old Nisha Danu shrugs it off when you ask her about walking 20 odd kilometers nonstop through …

Women at Work

Rural Women


They wait for a peep into Priya’s Mirror; She won’t be long!

Comic legends Panchatantra and Hitopadesha served liberal helpings of a variety of moralities through generations. Moralities ranging from loyalty to …

Violence Against Women


A loud shoutout to change: At Vizag final ODI, they wore jerseys with their mom’s names

Years ago, Sehwag’s mother was in the limelight. But she became famous as Sehwag ki maa. No one knew her …

Women in our Lives


Gender pay gap: Iceland may just be the beginning

In the feminist circles, it has been the most totemic issue for long enough. Outside, gender pay gap has only …

Women at Work


Marriages maybe made in heaven but how much heaven have they got for you?

A constant lament of anyone who finds the time for it is that there aren’t many women at workplaces. Even …

Women in Society

Anaiah Abraham

Thus spake the leader! This 6-year-old says she wants to be the boss when she grows up

It’s not because she wrote an essay that we published it. Many kids her age write essays. And better ones …

Girl Child

aug 15 feat

You will experience a freedom other women will never know

Freedom is not about a life lived just as it is. Freedom is about a life unlived just as it …


Madhabi feat

Interview: MD-CEO of ICICI Securities; her first salary; and her ‘big car’ for which she needs a ladder

She still depends on a Rs 3000-mobile handset, but has embraced cred ...

Women at Work

gul panag feat

Gul Panag spells out her money philosophy, holiday destination and investment preferences.

Gul Panag, a beauty queen, a model and an actress. Now know the savvy investor that she is. In this …

Women at Work

Single Women

dolly thakore feat

‘I don’t invest or save’ – socialite Dolly Thakore writes about her experiments with money

This column was first published in 2010 when our e-magazine was focused on financial independence of women. It was published …

Women at Work

Single Women

stalking - feature

Know your laws: Crime begins with stalking

A rape just got cancelled from India’s calendar when a brave girl fought back her violator. A 30-year-old man broke …

Women's Safety

gulab devi-feat

Interview: She is from the hate girl child belt, never went to school, is an engineer.

Reel industry just gave us an exasperating account of an all-women squad, tritely named Women at Work

Rural Women

Doversity Wars - feat

Is ‘wrong gender’ now the ‘right gender’ as companies race for diversity?

Sometime in the year 1998, Anu Aiyengar was rejected for the position of a mergers and acquisitions banker at a …

Women at Work

women dress

Openly blame women for rapes, openly get fired for it…a positive trend

It has become a trend for them to make gender biased remarks and then be attacked for having spoken thus. …

Violence Against Women

glass ceiling

Once upon a time there was a ceiling made of glass…

Glass ceiling is passé. The audience scoffs if you are to even make a mention of ‘glass ceiling’ and why …

Women at Work

Women Entrepreneurs

The invisible woman entrepreneur

When was the last time you came across a woman who told you that she was totally bogged down because …

Women Enterpreneurs

December 16 Delhi Gang Rape

Delhi Gang Rape: If nothing has changed, it’s time to work harder

It’s been a year since the incident that jolted the world into leaving its regular business and spilling out on …

Women's Safety


Women are driving you to your destinations and to another era

“It was like stepping into the men’s zone. And that’s what made this job even more adventurous for me!” declares …

Women at Work


“I was educated by now …and I knew I was empowered thus”

“I must have been 9 years old then. The police picked me up along with some other rag picker children. …

Teen Women

Shahjahan Apa

Tribute: Shahjahan apa is a prominent face of the 1970s movement

This is a tribute to Shahjahan apa, a woman who fought against lax laws and an apathetic system that watched …

Slumdog Divas


“Women are supposed to be in the custody of men” – Manusmriti

For a long while, we have argued about male dominance and patriarchy in our societies. As the discussions unfold and …

Violence Against Women

My granddaughter was subject to sarcastic comments because she didn’t have a brother. Who would do such a thing in urban areas?

“My granddaughter was subject to sarcastic comments because she didn’t have a brother.”

Technically, a village is a place which is light years behind schedule as compared to its urban neighbourhood. But a …

Rural Women

The Bawandar is Yet to Settle... Bhanwari Devi Waits as She Takes on New Storms by the Horns!

Interview: The Bawandar is Yet to Settle… Bhanwari Devi Waits as She Takes on New Storms by the Horns

If you give her your card with an email id, she smiles and says, “I don’t know computer.” If y ...

Rural Women

Violence Against Women

The Man Who Respects His Woman

Interview: The Man Who Respects His Woman

As soon as you declare that you stand for women emancipation, you are automatically taken to be an a ...

Men for Women

Women's Day celebrations: Break from the routine

Women’s Day celebrations: Break from the routine

It was just another day celebrating just another human status. We celebrate fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, teachers, engineers, soldiers, and …

Women Enterpreneurs

The Indian protest that the world joined

The Indian protest that the world joined

As we browse through the police and legal records, the 16 Dec incident of gang rape of a young medical …

Violence Against Women


Interview: Awaken Women…and Men!

Among the beautiful hills and valleys of Himachal Pradesh, she is busy creating another kind of utop ...

Rural Women

Can a Rs 2000 balm cure an ancient curse?

Can a Rs 2000 balm cure an ancient curse?

Those who go away from India, come back more often for nothing else but to cosy up in the warmth …

Single Women

Colours come to the life of white…

Colours come to the life of white…

It looks like a festival of colour and sound here. A hall full of women showering flowers and singing merrily! …

Single Women

Say 'that could have been my son (who raped)'

Interview: Say ‘that could have been my son (who raped)’

She prefers to call herself an artivist, an artist born to be an activist. Her slogan is "say enough ...

Violence Against Women

Protest Of The People, By The People, For The People

Protest Of The People, By The People, For The People

For the first time Indian democracy gets a voice, a peaceful voice, sans a leader   India as a democracy …

Women's Safety

Rakhi Birla

Rakhi Birla, Delhi’s 26 year old Women and Child Development minister

Rakhi Birla at 26 is the female face of the new Delhi government. She is the only woman in the …

Women at Work

India’s bruised Goddesses

India’s bruised Goddesses

In about a month, Indians will spill out on streets and roads to express their reverence for the “inaccessible” or …

Violence Against Women

I am unable to have that “sense of feeling safe” about my daughter as much as my parents had for me

Interview: “I’m unable to have that sense of feeling safe about my daughter as much as my parents had for me”

Her punctuality would of course have contributed to her success, a bit, if not much, in a country wh ...

Women's Safety

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If you, or a woman or women around you, are subject to domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and other atrocities at home or anywhere else, here is what you can do.

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