PettiCourtyard organises book reading of The Lowland

1 January 2015 | by PettiCourtyard Reporter

Just as the world prepared to usher into a new year, PettiCourtyard travelled back in time, decades back. As Rudraksh Pathak, club’s official reader, read out snippets from Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland, the listeners travelled to another time and space.


Rudraksh Pathak reads from The Lowland

Rudraksh Pathak reads from The Lowland

They lived the Calcutta of the 1960s with brothers Udayan and Subhash. They lived the emergence of Naxalism and its effect on ordinary lives through Udayan’s youth as it shaped up and threw him head on into the new revolution.


The book introduces the reader to the problems of unemployment prevalent in those times as two brothers, who were each other’s alter ego, drift apart in two contrasting directions as they grow up.


Rudraksh read out the turning points in the story throwing open lively debates on various issues like sibling rivalry, Naxalism, marriage, family structure in India, unemployment, emigration etc.




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