PettiCourtyard met to analyse literary work on ‘peace’

14 December 2014 | by Editorial, PettiCourtyard

In the midst of the December drizzle, PettiCourtyard members gathered to talk about ‘Peace’ on the evening of 13 December. Members had created columns and poems on ‘Peace’ which were analysed during the meeting.

While some members wrote about their own encounters with peace, others wrote fiction pieces. Even as the discussion was largely channeled towards reviewing the writing style of members, the conversation kept drifting towards peace in general. Gargee Gupta, an educator and a member of PettiCourtyard, said, ‘For me peace would be getting out of bed on a cold winter night and making food for my child who woke up from his sleep in the middle of the night and demanded food.’ Gargee had written a poem on how she finds peace in watching her toddler son move around the house.


Monika Arora, a dentist and a club member, said, ‘Peace means happiness and I feel I’m mostly at peace.’ Monika also wrote a poem, a love poem, about how she finds peace in her love for her partner.


Though many would relate to such universal situations of peace, Himanshu Joshi, a veterinarian and a PettiCourtyard member, wrote a column about his moment of peace among Gharials in the ravines of Chambal, the erstwhile home of dreaded dacoits. Ritika Mandhavani, again a veterinarian and a club member, wrote about her moments of peace with her Labrador ever since he came home as a 28-day-old pup and pooped on her lap without caring to consider it.

Each and every literary piece created by PettiCourtyard members is a jewel in our crown. But considering our ethics and agendas, there must be one pick for a fortnight. This time, it’s a column written by our member Shaharyar Haider, a defence professional.

The Pick of the Fortnight, that is a literary work authored by our member which is finally published in the PettiCourtyard Authors section, is strictly in line with our objectives. PettiCourtyard has been established to help members take their writing skills to another level. So the work that shows signs of moving in that direction is the ‘Pick of the Fortnight’.


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