PettiCourtyard members decoded The God of Small Things at its recent meeting

20 October 2014 | By Shahryar Haider

Like always, members of PettiCourtyard put aside important assignments and families, and ignored an uncertain weather, to attend its fortnightly meeting on Saturday. The topic of discussion was the Booker Prize winning debut of Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things.

The literary gathering was soon lost in Rahel and Estha’s intense and traumatic world. Rahel is the protagonist and Estha is her twin brother. The participants were immersed in the dense maze of emotions only to discover the untouched, latent emotions buried deep within themselves, which could only be stirred by a powerful piece of literature like this.


Members discussing The God of Small Things at the PettiCourtyard meeting

Members discussing The God of Small Things at the PettiCourtyard meeting


Each member took turns describing what actually appealed to them in the novel and as a result the gathering was able to identify facets that contributed to the overall appeal of the novel. For an aspiring writer, the key characteristics identified among many were the style of writing, the timelessness of the piece established by the portrayal of purity of emotions, the non-sequential and non-linear style of narrative and the detailed study of each and every character and eventually the sharp penning of the same.


The discussions were so intense and mesmerizing that the meeting ended a good hour after the scheduled time, and, like all PettiCourtyard meetings, it ended on an unsaid but clearly understood, ‘to be continued…’ note.



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