PettiCourtyard is a pack of booklovers dreaming to create their own books

18 October 2014 | by Shruti Kohli

shruti kohli CEO petticourtyard   It may be considered primitive for a book club to discuss a book after almost two decades it was published. But then a book club is not always about gathering over snacks and drinks and criticizing the plot of a book. It’s also about decoding the language and the style used by the author.


Because PettiCourtyard is a pack of booklovers dreaming to create their own books one day, language and style matters more than anything else here. So when we were about to pick a book, the consensus struck on The God of Small Things.


But, of course, what would we do if the language that the book uses is still futuristic? What would we do if no other book has been able to convey the deviations in our natures and in our cultures so subtly, yet?


god of small things-ceo page


The enthusiasm was such that some read the book with a pencil in their hand, some just managed to finish it on their way to the meeting, some read it for the nth time, and some so deeply regretted not having finished it before the meeting that they sent apologies for it along with promises of being an active participant in future, because, like our members tell us, PettiCourtyard had “managed to keep the sanctity of the club intact after all these months of operation” and that they trusted us even more now. We, at PettiCourtyard, smiled at that gesture.


Our members give us many reasons to smile as they show enthusiasm in posting columns and reviews for the club newsletter which has an exclusive section to publish their works.


About The God of Small Things, some members, who had read it for the first time, are already planning to read it again…to figure out why they were so driven to read it the second time.


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