PettiCourtyard began alone, ushers into the new year a family

1 January 2015 | by Shruti Kohli

shruti kohli CEO petticourtyardIn our pursuit of the new, we constantly stand on the crossroads. The dilemma to abandon the old and embrace the new circumscribes our entire mesh of emotions. And in the eternal struggle, eventually, and indisputably, our penchant for the new knows better. It goes the last distance, we in tow, complaining unheard.


the PettiCourtyard cake

the PettiCourtyard cake

PettiCourtyard skidded into a new year and traversed a new orbit in its own galaxy even as it matured from laid-back conversations to discussing the likes of The God of Small Things and The Lowland, and to authoring stories of the stature of Parashuram’s encounter with peace.


If I am to make a confession, when we conceptualised PettiCourtyard, we were a bit nervous about the acceptability of a book club in times when movies and music rule the roost and when book clubs were succumbing to the pressures of a racy pace of life. Our pre-launch survey showed mixed results. But we did spot a fissure on the bland, thick wall. And peeped in. There was a world waiting to happen!


new year petticourtyard

the PettiCourtyard family celebrates as it ushers into a brand new year


Half a year later, standing at a juncture when the whole world looks back and makes corrections for the year ahead, we are celebrating. What we have now is a bunch of passionate book people…pen people…word people… call them what you may to explain their eagerness to be at PettiCourtyard. And what we anticipate is a bunch of sublime literary works created by the PettiCourtyard family. We might almost be there…


And that, the realisation of arrival, is what injects essence into the very being of PettiCourtyard.

shruti kohli








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