Movies made from books spoil the fun…but they do it right at times

28 September 2014 | By Gargee Gupta

Last evening, at PettiCourtyard, we talked movies…made from books. Staunch booklovers reject the idea of making movies from books. But at our book club, we had contrasting views about it as we discussed movies like Hazaar Chaurasi ki Maa, The Devil Wears Prada, The Guide, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice etc.


movies-books disco

PettiCourtyard members during the meeting

I am sure many of us must have pondered on this issue sometime or the other especially while stepping out of the multiplexes, munching popcorns, framing our expert opinions on the screenplay, story line, star cast, direction, etc as compared to the book that the movies are based on.


At the club, each one of us had different views. True to the spirit of the club, the topic awoke our lingering thought process and channelized it. Few members were staunchly against this trend. They believed it destroys the beauty of intricately woven words which bring mystical landscape of emotions and characters alive. A mind working and trying to reconstruct every detail minutely while flipping through the literary marvel, becomes dormant when watching the ready-made scenes served on a glamorized platter.


While according to another view, it was pretty much fine to make movies from novels, epics, biographies etc if it did justice in bringing out the plot with equally balanced blend of emotion and motion.


By and large, a sizeable segment of society is not a serious booklover or an avid reader nor is starving for some good literary fodder, hence making a film popularizes the book, increases its market value and above all unveils the author who till now was living in anonymity, probably. Many great works come and go unnoticed but making of a film on such dust laden literature rewards them. Authors, who are only known to some particular section of society, after the film is made, become household names.


The discussion eventually left the members with some food for thought: what we look for in a movie made from a book, how well it’s scripted, how appealing are the dialogues, does it successfully present the idea in the book.
While some prefer to spend quality time in cosy corners of libraries feeling the smell of each paper as they move with the story through the author’s mind, others entertain their tired minds retiring into the pushback seats of AC halls at the movies.



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