Expose books can be avoided; they don’t matter much

28 September 2014 | By Monika Arora

Recently, we have been flooded with books exposing the functioning of the previous government. The books were written by influential people and the releases were strategically timed…around the mid-term polls 2014.


This was the topic of discussion at the meeting of our club last evening and here are my thoughts about it.


accidental prime minister

Natwar Singh

The writers of the exposé books may have obviously sold well. But personally, I don’t think that political leaders should write about fellow colleagues. We are the third largest democracy in the world and elections after elections, we pin our hopes on new leaders for a better future of this country. The people who write these books, seem like untrustworthy to me. As leaders, they are supposed to be concerned about us, the common man. But when they can’t be truthful to their friends and colleagues or ex-colleagues, how can they be trusted? That is one issue to be thought about.


Secondly, why are these leaders-cum-authors quiet when the government is in power? The blame game begins only during the elections or after the government changes. It is truly the apathy of our poor political system that we simply forgive and forget, buy their books and start getting influenced by what they have written.
A person who can’t be faithful to his colleagues and friends, will he ever do justice to his writing? Will he ever tell the facts to the people? It is just a gimmick played by them to hog limelight and keep afloat in the twilight of their careers.



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