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18 November 2012 | Shruti Kohli | NEW DELHI



It gives me immense pleasure to roll out the first issue of our company’s madeover women’s e-tabloid. With the makeover, it gets a new name too. From MoneyQuin, it changes to The Petticoat Journal. Over the past over two years, MoneyQuin received much applause.


It got standing ovations from the right set of observers and critics alike within the industry and outside. However, as it evolved and reached out to larger audience we at Spink Turtle realised that we needed to pitch on a broader platform. MoneyQuin was exclusively focused on financial issues and how they affect lives of women.Over time, we felt that due to the tight focus of our magazine, a lot of serious subjects which affected women’s lives and were of immense significance to them, were left uncovered. So, here we are with The Petticoat Journal.


In very straight and simple terms, it’s a women’s tabloid without gloss. Many would be disappointed not to find legs and lingerie around here as is expected from any standard women’s magazine. We feel sorry for them but can’t help. That’s politely said, by the way.


The Petticoat Journal explores the woman and her life beneath the many layers of cosmetics that have been polished on her by the much demanding society. It provides a sturdy platform to those who would have struggled all this while to find enough courage to put their point across. It gives voice to those who had lost their voices in the cacophony of traditions and duties which brought them nothing but oppression. It’s about women who have made a mark and for women who are fighting to break free from the shackles of rusting traditions that have led to their oppression…


Before you get us all wrong, I must make it clear that we are not anti-men. We are not pro-women either. We beg to be excused of such tagging. Actually, we are pro-right, as in righteousness. We strongly vouch for the theory of righteousness. Everyone should get what is rightfully their. Women for long have been deprived of their rights. This has happened because of an aggressive male attitude and an equally submissive female disposition.


I agree that things are changing now. And it is happening largely because women are strongly pressing for their space. It’s commendable! But this brings along with it another kind of struggle. When the oppressed suddenly rise, the oppressor becomes hostile. Women rising have attracted a defensive revolt from men. Some are afraid their hegemony will be eroded. Others are simply clueless about what’s going on and react in bewilderment mostly violently. Both the reactions have a negative fallout for relationships and families and for the society in general.


It’s time that we woke up to this reality. The reality of non-acceptance for change. The reality of stubbornness. The reality of bewilderment. The Petticoat Journal comes as an alarm bell.


Yet, waking up may not be enough. While women are ready to charge, they must also have the intelligence to tackle hurdles raised by the agitated men. And women must do this without harming their lives and their relationships.


It’s high time women raised their status from doormats to human beings. We hereby trigger the Doormat Revolution! Please welcome The Petticoat Journal!

shruti kohli

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If you, or a woman or women around you, are subject to domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and other atrocities at home or anywhere else, here is what you can do.

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