Another planet’s hell…for women

18 February 2013 | Shruti Kohli | NEW DELHI


Even as I write this, I can hear a TV debate on whether rape should attract capital punishment. I wonder do we still have space for debating on this issue. It irks me. A 23-year-old girl brutally beaten up with blunt objects by six men who took turns to rape her in a moving bus on the busiest Delhi roads (FYI, Delhi is the capital of India where all political leaders work and live), shouldn’t have led to such newsroom and Parliamentary debates. The powers that be, should have taken immediate action.


While I feel rape should have attracted rarest of rare status long, long ago when the first rape was “conducted”, I suggest castration and life imprisonment rather than capital punishment for rapists. These men must live the horror they inflicted on another human being…well, yes, and in the course of it, they must also know that a woman is a human being. If they are hanged, that will end their misery. That’s salvation! And evil must not get salvation without suffering the trauma it inflicts on another. The onlookers, some of whom, maybe evil spirits in making, must know the consequences of such evil action. But for this, the world and our “concerned” lawmakers must see rape as an evil act. The punishments we have for rape today, come across as a dirty joke. And this has its roots in the “man’s world” theory…the patriarchal system.


This is a system that has ensured that women are never considered human beings. Manusmṛti or Laws of Manu, written by Manu, the world’s first king, calls us doormats. No wonder we are treated like that. You step out of your homes, and it’s lewd comments, leching, molestation, and rape. A lot of women are not even safe within the four walls of their homes. I wonder why God made women. God must be a man. Or maybe she is a disgruntled mother-in-law. Or maybe this world is another planet’s hell …reserved for women. Men come around to execute the laws of hell. Patriarchy must be, then, an unwritten law of this hell.


I’m absolutely sure that’s the way it is. Why else will parents forget to tell their sons that they are supposed to respect women? Why else will there be no strict law to punish eve-teasing, molestation, or sexual assault? Why else will there be no serious punishment for a heinous crime like rape? Why else will the women be blamed when they are raped, sexually attacked or molested? Why else will women live in fear while the criminals live life king size? Why else will women be physically weak while men have all the physical power? Why else will the world be so unequal?


We cry hoarse about stopping female foeticide. But I’m sure after last night’s incident, many parents-to-be must have found themselves helpless and decided to go for a gender test. They would do this out of fear. Today it’s some stranger. Tomorrow it could be their daughter. This world has gone to wolves and hounds.
We are living in a corrupt world…a corroded world. This world is most definitely another planet’s hell…for women!

shruti kohli

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