Black Day in the history of humankind

June 28, 2017 by The Petticoat Journal | NEW DELHI


The Petticoat Journal observed Black Day on 3rd Jan 2013. It was the day when the Delhi Police filed charge sheet in the Dec 16 gang rape case of a young medico. What prompted us to observe this as a Black Day is because we felt that no day could be darker that one on which the details of the rape of a daughter of the country were to be discussed threadbare in a report. Also, we never saw anything extraordinary in the police filing a case. They should be doing it any which way. It’s their duty. Doing it after so much of protest, shows the inefficiency of the police. Secondly, we were in mourning…mourning the death of someone who was like us. That made it a Black Day for us.
Dated: January 03, 2013
Venue: Delhi

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If you, or a woman or women around you, are subject to domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and other atrocities at home or anywhere else, here is what you can do.

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